Laborator Chirurgia reconstructivă a tractului digestiv



The laboratory of scientific research (LSR) was founded in 1997 under the guidance of PhD professor V. Hotineanu.

The research activity of  the Laboratory of  Reconstructive surgery of the digestive tract is directed to disentangling of etiopathogenic mechanisms of the surgical diseases of the digestive tract, the evaluation of modern  methods of diagnosing and surgical treatment. The aim of the researches is to improve the strategies of prevention, diagnoses and treatment of surgical deseases of the digestive tract.

Scientific researches are held on the bases of specialized units (hepatobileopancreatic surgery, visceral and endocrine surgery, colorectal surgery, septic abdominal surgery)  from PHI Republican Clinical Hospital.

Location: Bd. Stefan cel Mare si Sfant, nb. 164

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Tel. : (+373 22) 20-55-24